The Brand

China import academy is an online educational platform founded by a group of Nigerians. The platform helps aspiring entrepreneurs, with a keen interest in importation to learn and access the easiest way to move goods from China to Nigeria. To reflect this new and improved image, Smuv was tasked with creating a new corporate identity that would separate it from other competitors.

The Idea

During the making, our goal was to find a shape that unites people, interest and flight at the same time. We started with more literal metaphors such as a letter formation but then moved forward to form what is now the business logo.


So following the agreed upon idea for the China Import Academy brand, we first looked at the individual logo breakdown to ascertain that the brand identity speaks volume to current students of the academy and wanna-be’s. Here’s how we managed to achieve that.

Looking back at the shape of the Stars on the China flag, it’s crystal that it forms a semi-circle shape, so after a series of brainstorm we decided to form an active representation of the star-shape in the logo

China is a faraway country from Nigeria with an estimate of 13 hours flight. Consequently, we replaced the FACT which is FLIGHT with a formation of feathers in between the logo to depict importation as the original story.

The circles which form the complete logo of the brand represents a group of people with different background coming together with a common interest to learn how to import from China.


The construction shows how carefully we measured and aligned the logo to fit properly without any inch growing above the other.

Clear Spaces

The China import academy logo should always have a clear space around. We use the letter “a” height as an x-measurement tool.


After the entire logo process, we then decided what background would best fit the brand identity and make it clearly visible. So we selected a proportional list of complementary colors to make the best of every version.

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