The Story

Nightlife was looking for the perfect identity for their upcoming nightlife event. The brand apparently boasts as one of Nigeria’s ever first event brand to host a luxurious nightlife party to award individuals and entities that consistently contribute to the development of the Nightlife industry in Nigeria.

We were tasked by the Nightlife team to brand their upcoming event, whilst portraying Luxury and nightlife at the same time. At the early phase of the task, we had no clue about what the crew wanted, so we conducted a couple of in-depth research with a central concern about nightlife in Nigeria. At the end of it, we proceeded with a strategy that will help us design an event brand that resonates with the actual requirement of the client as well as represents luxury and Nightlife in a single image.



Everything starts from a verbal description of key brand’s values and features. It’s important to make sure we are on the same page with the client and understand the ‘soul’ of his business correctly. To create the best and perfect identity for our client, we searched online for pictures describing nightlife in Nigeria.

To find the right metaphor and visual rhythm for a future identity, we explore hundreds of references. Then we carefully group and filter our findings to create self-explaining moodboards.


We extracted and weighed a number of directions from our research and the data we collated from the brand owner. In the end we settled with two major options; which simply elucidates nightlife and party.

Trusted Direction

After a period of brainstorm and survey with people familiar with nightlife in Nigeria, we decided to settle with a glass of wine.

Rough Sketches

Our sketch artists Donald, sketched over 50 ideas that represents nightlife, awards and party. It was a daunting task for us to pick which one works best.

Trusted Sketch

After working with Donald to create logo sketches. We finally decided to pick a glass that turned out to be everyone’s favourite.


The construction shows how carefully we measured and aligned the logo to fit properly without any inch growing above the other.

Top and base model

In this stage we modelled the 3d award plaque and gave it life. The process took us consecutive two days to make and finalize it to perfection.

Final Render

After the process, we proceeded to work hand in hand with the plaque maker to bring it to reality.


We then proceeded to create the typography logo, by choosing the style and text presentation. The fonts we choose helped us maintain consistency and personality across all brand channels.

Brand collaterals

Given that the trait of a successful brand is most times majored by the marketing effort, we decided to create a perfect, unique and nightlife-rich awareness materials for the Nightlife awards event.

Media Creatives

A huge chunk of our responsibility was to create marketing materials for the Nightlife award and we did so by creating  a collection of media used to promote the brand and support marketing across all social and press channels.

Event Gallary

Take a look at the outcome of the event.

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